After High School

Hey there! It’s been some time since I have written and the reason for that is not exactly clear. It comes from a combination of many things, but the main culprit is time. It feels like it is flying by faster than I can wrap my mind around. I’m at the tail end of senior year and it feels like there are not enough hours in a day.

When I started this blog, I was overwhelmed at the thought of life after high school. Now, as it is staring me dead in the eyes, it no longer terrifies me. It actually excites me. I still do not have a plan, in fact I have less of a plan now than I did last year when I started all this. The only true thing that has changed since then has been my mindset. If I have learned anything in the past few months it is that life never goes according to plan. If you base your life upon a set plan you are going to be left disappointed. That is why I have decided to set goals rather than a plan.

Goals can be big or small and they do not always have a timestamp. This gives you the flexibility that is necessary when we live in a world that is unpredictable. We never know where each step is going to take us or how far we will go until we are forced to take the first one. So, to anyone who asks me the once looming question, “What is your plan after high school?”, my response is simple:

My plan is to achieve the goals that i have set for myself. My smaller goals are what will prepare me to achieve my major goal which is to teach abroad and travel the world. The first of these smaller goals is to enroll in a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course. This will give me the credits and classroom management skills necessary to teaching in a foreign place. While doing this I will also be working on my leadership skills at my work, giving me confidence and strength in a fast paced, competitive environment. I will be working on myself while learning to better enrich the lives of others.

I see this uncertainty in my life as a wide open door to the greatness that awaits me. By not having a ordinary plan, I have the opportunity to live a not so ordinary life.

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