Saying Yes to my Biggest Dream

Travel is something that I have always dreamed about. This past year I decided that I wanted to go on a solo trip. This idea seemed insane to many around me, my parents especially. For months I was watching flights, looking at hostels, planning everything down to the dollar. I wanted to go in October, but October came and went. As I sat and reflected on the reason why I wasn’t booking the trip, I realized that it was because the trip to Europe I was planning was not something that genuinely sparked the fire in my heart. Although it would be amazing and I would love to go there eventually, right now my heart was being pulled in a different direction. I ignored this pull until I could not anymore.

Truth is, I am scared. For so long my dream has been to make the trek to Machu Picchu, Peru. This five day hike is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I placed it on my bucket list many years ago but labeled it as something that I would do when I was older, more experienced and in better shape. These excuses pushed me farther from my dream. Then one day I asked myself, what better reason to better my body and mind than to prepare for the trip of a lifetime?

It is said that if your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough. This dream scares the hell out of me. That fear is what sparked the flame that led me to book the trip. Not only now must I begin preparing physically and financially, I must now prepare mentally and spiritually. In three short months I will be conquering the single most daunting task on my bucket list.

I am encouraged by the fact that at 19 I will have gone somewhere I have always dreamed about. This is just one example of saying yes to the things that may seem too crazy, too scary, too ambitious or too adventurous. I do not live an extravagant life in any sense. I am the first in my immediate family to go out of the country. I work about six days a week and have been saving for a while. The reason I am able to go on a trip like this is because I said yes. Yes to saving money. Yes to planning. Yes to stepping outside my comfort zone. Yes to my dreams.

It is my hope that by going on this trip, I will encourage others to say yes to their dreams, no matter how crazy they may seem. It doesn’t have to all be at once. Saying yes can simply mean putting an extra $100 into savings each month or pushing yourself to run an extra mile at the gym. No matter how big or small the “yes” is, it will send you in the right direction.

I am so excited to share more of this journey. Every yes. Every challenge. Every success. Every failure. There are bound to be times of joy and times of fear. This trip is not a end point. It is just one of the stepping stones that will propel me closer and closer to being the best version of myself. Life is too short to wonder “what if”, so just look your dreams in the eyes and say yes. Let fear be a reminder that you are about to do something momentous.


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