I have always loved the water. The ocean, however, always seemed to intimidate me. This great force that held so many unknowns, took my breath away. Being from California, I had been to the beach many times. I always admired its intensity from afar, dipping my toes in if feeling adventurous. While in the Dominican … Continue reading Paddle

Central Coast Trip – What it Taught Me

My life is nothing exciting. Most days I wake up late. Rush to get ready. Go to school. Come home. Some days I work and others I just watch Netflix or go to my friends house. I go to bed and I do the same thing over again. I'm in a constant state of repetition. … Continue reading Central Coast Trip – What it Taught Me

The Way Teachers Teach

I wrote a bit in past posts about school and senior year. For the most part, all I am saying is that it feels like a waste of time. This purely comes from the thought that "I can be learning so much more out in the real world." For this reason, it is so hard … Continue reading The Way Teachers Teach