Writing has always been an artistic outlet for me. As long as I remember, I was writing stories or letters. As I’ve grown, I have kept a journal. One night I decided to start a blog. I had no idea what it would become or if I would ever share it. It has become something that I am rather proud of. I still do not know exactly the direction it is headed, but I do know that writing is a passion of mine and this is a way for me to publicly express that. My life is changing with everyday and I am excited to track my journey. I hope that in some way, my writing will inspire you to follow your passion.


My journey through photography has only recently begun. I received a camera as a graduation gift with the intention to document my travels, but it became a hobby want to more proactively pursue. At the moment I have only done portraits with close friends and family, but I am in the process of opening that up to the public. Right now it is all experimental, but I am learning as I go along.

Let’s build something together.